About me


My name is Saul Barreto and I’ve been living my whole life in Tenerife, but I was born in Gran Canaria, Spain. My inspiration for 3d started back in 1982 after watching the movie Tron, but at that moment I still had to wait to get my hands on my first computer, the wonderful ZX Spectrum 16kb. There weren’t too many things I could do with it, but in the nineties a software called 3d Studio for DOS arrived. It opened a whole new world of possibilities and the ideas began to come true. Although the learning process was too slow, as there was no Internet at the time, and there wasn’t either any academy in Spain, the idea of working in animation was too strong to as to give up. I worked as a Graphic Designer in a marketing company for 7 years, which gave me a solid knowledge in design and printing, while I spent all my free time learning as much as I could about 3D at home. In 2002 I completed a Maya surface modeling course at Gnomon Inc. School of Visual Effects, Hollywood, California. After that, I got a job at a local advertising company doing all kind of stuff: character animations, modeling, flying logos and ads. Since then, I’ve been working in many companies as an employee and as a freelancer.

  • In Lasal Creadores Asociados, as a modeler and animator at “Tinguaro the Sun Lizard”; a 3d animation serie. I did the setup for all the characters and props, and modeled many of them too.
  • The 3d animation short film “wild desert”, selected at ArtFutura Festival 2005.
  • Lead animator in the 3d short film “The night of the ugly ones”,  nominated for the Goya Award in 2007.
  • Director of seven full CG TV spots for the summer campaign for Televisión Canaria.
  • Director of CG graphics for the tv program “Canarias R&D”.
  • Director of 3d animation feature film  Hiroku defenders of Gaia , nominated for the Goya Award 2014.

Hiroku defenders of Gaia , nominated for the Goya Award 2014.