Promo video for INX Arena LANParty
Produced by OEK Entertainment
Director, CG Supervisor: Manuel Reyes Halaby
Modeling & shading: Manuel Reyes Halaby, Carlos Rossi Morales
VFX: Carlos Rossi Morales, Saúl Barreto
Compositing: Saúl Barreto
Extra modeling: Esteban Amador
Character design: Luis Suárez Gómez
Helmet design based on Joseph Drust’s (@Pixologic)
Music: Ross Frederick Gordon Bugden (
SoundFX: Gabriel García Fernández-Valdés
Voice: Pepe Mediavilla

This is a render test, of my character with environment.

This is the skinning with muscles and bones.

Some facial expressions, joints based deformation.

A character I did for the film Hiroku defenders of Gaia.

Just a simple jump animation excercise.

Another not complicated, cloth test with motion capture

Namu, modeled and textured.

A model for 3d printing.

Hiroku logo.

Land Rover Setup Test.